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The Most Beautiful Shadow of a Doubt      

2020 10mins

Prophetic thoughts about current times. The sky is a safe and beautiful place...or is it? Using the sky as a metaphor, this reflects on our relationship to it and to recent global events. Elements of surrealism, and references to filmmaker Jean Cocteau and films Singing in the Rain and The Truman Show.  

The film followed a residency with British Airways in 2000 flying around Europe as artist in residence on different planes for 6 months to photograph and film sky from above.

Put sound up high to view.

When You Close The Door, The Light Will Last Forever   

2019  4mins

Stop Frame Animation. Magical Realism. Two girls appear in front of a building. Their clothes seem to match the building. They enter and things begin to happen....

A Love Affair      

2019   7mins

Using standard 8 footage set between 1948-1954, a woman's love for the camera is shown from two sides: first we see her shooting films and taking stills all in black and white/ grayscale. Secondly we see her as the subject, posing for camera, all in rich colour. Here we get to know her as she poses and flirts and looks straight into camera for extended periods. She looks different, and glamorous and very self aware. We cannot help but fall for her. Blocks of colour derived from the clips themselves divide the imagery and express a strong feeling of the place. The love affair has three interpretations 1. the woman and the camera 2. the woman and the person shooting the footage 3. the woman and the director of this film.  Seeing a woman shooting film in those days was very rare but her behaviour in front of camera is close to behaviours we see now in 2020. 

The footage was shot in India on analogue standard 8 cine film which was then digitised. Many of the clips have been slowed right down from the fast speed that standard 8 runs at, giving the sense that the film is being dragged back through time.  All the sounds were recorded in India, January 2019, and edited to animate the imagery. The woman/subject is the artist's mother.

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