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Roaming Room is an art space run by Sandie Macrae, Aideen Morgan and Fiona Clague: we place contemporary art in dilapidated or unused buildings and invite artists to produce new works contextualised by the architecture, giving them the opportunity to present unusual imaginative projects. We are inspired by a 'Fluxus' sensibility, collaborating with artists to instigate compelling inspiring experiments. This is a move away from conventional gallery spaces. Our buildings are dormant, frequently in a raw state or due for redevelopment, and therefore have a history.


R O O M opened in Bristol in 2002, where it formed the annexe of a newly-built, custom-made house in Alfred Place, Bristol.  (See Architecture section)

The initiative then evolved and changed to become Roaming Room, originally operating in Marylebone.

Bryanston Mews West  Marylebone, London W1

This was an empty dilapidated apartment with many rooms and levels in central London.  We painted the ceiling black and invited artists to place their work on the black or white sections of the rooms.

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